Firefox 67 Released Powered by WebRender, and Dark Mode CSS


Firefox 67 is a very special release launched today and powered by the new rendering engine WebRender, of course in addition to a faster and better JavaScript debugger, support for CSS prefers-color-scheme media queries. The work on WebRender started around four years ago with the goal of better utilizing modern graphics hardware.

WebRender will be enabled gradually for users on Windows 10 with qualified hardware. The engine fundamentally changes the way the rendering engine works to make it more like a 3D game engine. Written in Rust, WebRender is known for being extremely fast. But WebRender isn’t really about making rendering faster. It’s about making it smoother.

New in Firefox 67, the prefers-color-scheme media feature allows sites to adapt their styles to match a user’s preference for dark or light color schemes, a choice that’s begun to appear in operating systems like Windows, macOS and Android. As an example of what this looks like in the real world, Bugzilla uses prefers-color-scheme to trigger a brand new dark theme if the user has set that preference.

Firefox 67 and 68 Developer Edition bring enormous improvements to Firefox’s JavaScript Debugger. Discover faster load times, amazing support for source maps, more predictable breakpoints, brand new logpoints, and much more.

More info about this release could be found here.