Comfygure 1.0 released, Encrypted, Versioned, and Collaborative Configuration Store


Comfygure is an open source tool that provides encrypted and versioned configuration storage built with collaboration in mind. Comfygure is great to manage application configurations for multiple environments, toggle feature flags quickly, manage A/B testing based on configuration files.

Some of its features includes :

  • Simple CLI
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Multiple formats support (JSON, YAML, environment variables)
  • Git-like Versioning
  • Easy to host on your own

To install Comfygure

Then you can initialize your project with comfy init :

This creates a unique key to access the settings for myproject, and stores the key in .comfy/config. You can copy this file to share the credentials with co-workers or other computers.

Now you can import an existing settings file to comfygure using comfy setall:

And from any computer sharing the same credentials, grab these settings using comfy get:

Finally you can turn settings grabbed from comfygure into environment variables using the following:

Check the documentation to find out more about using Comfygure. Licensed under the MIT License, sponsored and supported by marmelab.