Most Popular Programming Languages for 2017


AppDynamics in partnership with Ghergich have published a great infographics of most programming languages for 2017. Since we are still in the beginning, you might be curious to know which programming languages is going to be the most popular this year?

In the familiar faces category you will find as usual C++, C, C#,  and Java. They are battle tested, well understood, have active communities, and continue to evolve in response to new contenders, with features such as lambda expressions for Java 8 and coroutines for C++17.

In the Dynamic languages category : Python, PHP, and Ruby will continue to rank among the most popular programming languages. But in 2017, JavaScript will be the fact of life, while it started as a simple scripting language to add dynamics to web pages, it is used today to power server-side and even desktop applications. Go will rise rapidly, after it was open sourced in 2009 the language has found a strong, emerging following among all kinds of developers.

For mobile category, Swift will continue climbing the popularity charts, even if Objective C will ranks much higher. Finally the functional programming languages will enter the mainstream. Languages such as Scala, Clojure, and Haskell are quietly growing in popularity, as they offer expressive and concise syntax, exceptional compile-time error checking, and strong support for parallel operations.

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