Red Hat : PHP 7 coming on RHEL


Mike Guerette announced in a blog post the availability of PHP 7.0 is coming soon on RHEL, after that Red Hat announced the beta availability of Red Hat Software Collections 2.3. The new beta is published for evaluation purpose and is not recommended for use in production environment.

Delivered on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a more frequent release cadence, Red Hat Software Collections bridges developer agility and production stability by helping to accelerate the creation of modern applications that can then be more confidently deployed into production.

New additions to Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 Beta include:

  • Open source databases
    • New MySQL 5.7
    • New Redis 3.2
    • Updates to MongoDB 3.2
  • Open source languages
    • New Perl 5.24
    • New PHP 7.0
    • Updates to PHP 5.6
    • Updates to Python 3.5
    • Updates to Ruby 2.3
  • New Git 2.9
  • New Thermostat 1.6, a JVM monitoring tool.
  • Repackaged Eclipse Neon (4.6.1), once part of the Red Hat Developer Toolset collection is now its own separate collection.


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