Introducing PIMF, PHP Micro Framework


PIMF is a thin PHP framework with fewer implementation rules that is easy to learn to use. The philosophy behind the framework is that most of the PHP frameworks are bigger than your problem. At most, you need less than 20% of the framework’s functionality to solve your problem. Therefore, PIMF is the “right” 20% of the effort to get the 80% of the results.

PIMF’s implementation is based on well-proven design patterns as well as fast object-relational mapping mechanisms – like famous PHP frameworks had. The architecture is designed to be upgrade friendly – so you can upgrade to newer versions without having to overwrite your projects. And for all of you out there who like to create rich application interfaces – it provides mechanisms to couple your GUI to the controllers in an easy and fast way.

The framework is very well documented, and you can read through its documentation to discover different available features. Also a PIMF Starter eBook is available as a PDF, EPUB, and MOBI that you can get for $5 or a minimum of $0.99, So you can now read it on all your devices.


The best way to get started is using the PIMF blog bundle, which is a blog application based on SQLite database where you can learn how to work with Pimf_EntityManager, Pimf_Util_Validator and Pimf_View.

Current version of PIMF is 1.9.0, released under the MIT license. More information and download at