Symfony 2.3.25 Maintenance Release Announced


Symfony 2.3.25 have just been released. The new maintenance release come with over twenty bug fixes and improvements. The latest Symfony branch is actually 2.7, and if you are looking for long-term support version which end on May 2016 you should use the 2.3 branch, or you can experiment the latest Symfony features by getting the 2.6 branch which support end by July 2015.

Most important changes in the 2.3.25 release include :

  •  #13528 [Validator] reject ill-formed strings (nicolas-grekas)
  •  #13525 [Validator] UniqueEntityValidator – invalidValue fixed. (Dawid Sajdak)
  •  #13527 [Validator] drop grapheme_strlen in LengthValidator (nicolas-grekas)
  •  #13376 [FrameworkBundle][config] allow multiple fallback locales. (aitboudad)
  •  #12972 Make the container considered non-fresh if the environment parameters are changed (thewilkybarkid)
  •  #13309 [Console] fixed 10531 (nacmartin)
  •  #13352 [Yaml] fixed parse shortcut Key after unindented collection. (aitboudad)
  •  #13039 [HttpFoundation] [Request] fix baseUrl parsing to fix wrong path_info (rk3rn3r)
  •  #13250 [Twig][Bridge][TranslationDefaultDomain] add support of named arguments. (aitboudad)
  •  #13332 [Console] ArgvInput and empty tokens (Taluu)
  •  #13293 [EventDispatcher] Add missing checks to RegisterListenersPass (znerol)
  •  #13262 [Yaml] Improve YAML boolean escaping (petert82, larowlan)
  •  #13420 [Debug] fix loading order for legacy classes (nicolas-grekas)
  •  #13371 fix missing comma in YamlDumper (garak)
  •  #13365 [HttpFoundation] Make use of isEmpty() method (xelaris)
  •  #13347 [Console] HelperTableHelper->addRow optimization (boekkooi)
  •  #13346 [PropertyAccessor] Allow null value for a array (2.3) (boekkooi)
  •  #13170 [Form] Set a child type to text if added to the form without a type. (jakzal)
  •  #13334 [Yaml] Fixed #10597: Improved Yaml directive parsing (VictoriaQ)

To upgrade your installation :

Github repository Symfony 2.3.25. Source Symfony blog.


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