Today the PHP community have are already ten PSRs (PHP Standard Recommendations), five accepted, four drafts and one under review. This week we’ll be talking about these PSRs and the PHP-FIG group for many reasons. The first one is that PSRs are contributing to make the PHP ecosystem better.

The second one is that the PHP-FIG group itself could be considered as a success story for PHP initiative aiming to help the PHP community. We have previously talked about relaunching the PHPSC (PHP Security Consortium) and we already started contacting people who were previously involved in the initiative, and if the initiative will be launched again, it will be most probably have a governance model similar to the PHP-FIG.

The PHP-FIG itself is already somehow contributing in making PHP frameworks and applications more secure, but it’s not its main purpose. The idea behind the PHPSC is not to secure PHP itself, but to provide general guidance to the community that will guarantee minimum security to PHP applications.

We have previously talked for example about a PHP parser written in Go, which implement basic code formatting that could be narrowed to PSR-2. This week we’ll be talking about more issues related to  the PHP-FIG, so stay tuned !




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