Sencha’s “HTML5 is Ready” App Contest Winners Announced


About three months ago, Sencha announced the HTML5 is Ready App Contest :

The contest is simple: start with one of the six categories (based on default native apps found on most devices), get coding with HTML5 and Sencha, and take the basic native functionality above and beyond, to somewhere amazing that shows the app dev power of HTML5. We’re looking for the coolest, most innovative and elegant apps, and we’re giving away over $20k in cash and devices as prizes.


Hundreds of submissions proved that HTML5 is more than ready ! Today Sencha announced the winners of “HTML5 is ready” contest, which took the standard, default apps on iOS and Android, like Weather, To Dos and Photos and built unbelievably cool apps showcasing the power of HTML5 while using Sencha frameworks.

  • First place : JDI by Simon Brunel 


JDI is a fully functional To Do app which offers a new way to prioritize tasks. The user simply selects the available time and the app picks the tasks that should be done. JDI was developed from scratch for the contest using Sencha Touch and synchronizing data in the cloud using Have too many tasks to get done, but don’t know where to begin? Just grab your mobile, tablet or laptop and start a JDI session!

  • Weathy by Boris Orduñez & Ariamnet López


Weathy takes weather apps to a whole new level with super, slick UI and added features like location preferences, map coordinates and 36 hour weather dial.


SnapsMate is an ultra real-time shared photo wall with lightning fast user interaction enabling instantaneous collaboration with friends and family.

Congratulations to all winners !