Jade Advanced Templating Engine available for PHP


Jade is originally a template engine for NodeJS, now available for PHP also. Jade.php is a high performance template compiler heavily influenced by Haml and implemented for PHP 5.3.
Key features include :

  • high performance parser
  • great readability
  • contextual error reporting at compile & run time
  • html 5 mode (using the !!! 5 doctype)
  • combine dynamic and static tag classes
  • no tag prefix
  • clear & beautiful HTML output
  • filters :php :cdata :css and :javascript, and you can add your own filters too.

Jade.php got already extension for TextMate, VIM and Symfony2. I guess Symfony users will be very familiar with the YAML-inspired templates engine more than anybody else.
More info at http://everzet.com/jade.php/ sources on github, released under an Open Source license.