PACKT 2010 Open Source Awards – JavaScript Libraries Finalists


Packt open source awards is a yearly online event by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source projects. 6 categories for this year marked by the entrance of the “JavaScript Libraries” category which “is reserved for JavaScript libraries, libraries of pre-written JavaScript controls which allow for easier development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), visually enhanced applications or smoother server-side JavaScript functionalities. “.
The judging panel for the JavaScript category include Michael Kimsal, Michael Mahemoff, Frank W. Zammetti, myself (Hatem Ben Yacoub), and of course You.
Nominations for the award have been closed since last week and voting will begin this Monday for the five top nominees in each category: Open Source CMS Award, Hall of Fame CMS, Most Promising Open Source Project, Open Source E-Commerce Applications, Open Source JavaScript Libraries, and Open Source Graphics Software.
The Awards are designed to encourage, support, recognize, and reward Open Source projects that have been selected by the panel of judges and visitors to packt website. There are $24,000 to win spread across six categories. So hard luck to everyone, and be sure to cast your vote this Monday !
Update : JavaScript Library finalists announced and vote is open :
* Dojo ToolKit
* Ext JS
* jQuery
* Mootools
* Rapha