Visual WebGui 6.4 RC0 Released


The new version is now available for download in free open source Express format or in Professional open source trial version.


Since its inception in 2007, Gizmox has been working towards the release of its fully featured Visual WebGui (VWG) version. Up until this release of 6.4 Gizmox has released 6 major versions and with this version Gizmox is delivering on the VWG promise to enable a full cycle of rapid development of enterprise level data-intensive Ajax application.
“VWG was designed to solve what might be the most painful issues for enterprise IT; reproducing client/server richness and user experience on Web and Cloud, in a simple cost effective way and with standard Web, no-plug-in accessibility and absolutely secured end point. We took upon ourselves one of the most ambitious missions, one that the big software players could not solve,” says Navot Peled, Gizmox CEO and adds “The goal was to create an end-to-end Web and Cloud solution that simplifies enterprise Ajax development experience to a VB6 level using Ajax methodologies to reproduce client/server richness and user experience on Web while enabling absolutely unhackable Ajax UI and one that also enables creative UI designs without the need to struggle with complex HTML, JavaScript and CSS styling. We wanted to make developers really feel at home, so we decided to expose 2 basic development experiences: one that leverages desktop developers’ skills, providing Form based VB6-like development experience and one that leverages web developers’ skills, with declarative XAML experience. The first one we call VWG application and the second is VWG sites. Visual WebGui 6.4 is the first version to fully deliver on that promise.”
VWG has been collecting awards on its innovative approach and achievements, as well as rewarded with developers and enterprises responses and feedbacks. Its SDK has been downloaded more than 700,000 times within 2 years and there are over 35,000 VWG applications that were developed with its pre-release, partly featured SDK.

The innovative technology of Visual WebGui has been recognized by many individuals and organizations altogether approving the company’s innovation, solid reputation and thought leadership it brings to the industry. In 2010 Visual WebGui was awarded with a couple of technological prizes such as the inclusion in 2010 SD Times 100 which recognizes “a noble gathering of leaders” in various software areas. Visual WebGui was also listed as one of the “Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors” by UBM’s Channel Web magazine stating that the Visual WebGui platform is a way to enable enterprises to create rich and responsive Web applications with solid performance and security.
The new version’s free & free trial downloads are available here.
About Visual WebGui
Led by Prof. Arie Scope, the founder of Microsoft subsidiary in Israel, Visual WebGui ( is the first to solve what might be one the most painful IT problems. Web and Cloud enablement of fully scalable, enterprise client/server applications with native (no plug-in), secured-by-design over standard browser and clients.
In 2 years, Visual WebGui has more than 700,000 downloads and over 35,000 VWG applications that are in production, at first tier organizations such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, Visa, Texas Instruments, banks, medical, government and military institutions.