DHTMLX 2.6 Released, Another Step to Complete Ajax Framework


DHTMLX team announced the new release of their JavaScript UI library. Offering a complete set of ready-to-use Ajax components, DHTMLX provides developers with all the necessary tools for building cross-browser, interactive web applications with polished design and rich user experience.
dhtmlx skin3
New version 2.6 includes a number of great improvements and bug fixes, and extends the library with 3 new components:
dhtmlxForm – Ajax-based form component with data validation and database binding capabilities;
dhtmlxChart – 100% JavaScript charts: bar charts, plain or 3D pie charts, and line graphs;
dhtmlxDataView – completely customizable component that displays a collection of objects according to a user-defined template.
The most significant improvements introduced in DHTMLX 2.6 include:
– RTL support for the main components: grid, tree, menu, dataview, and others;
– Improved SkinBuilder with more options to customize visual appearance of the components;
– New simple and clean skin;
– dhtmlxConnector v1.0 for better client-server communication;
– Server-side data export to PDF or Excel;
– Easy Google Maps integration.

In addition, a couple of exciting demos built with DHTMLX components are now available on DHTMLX website:
– Geo Explorer shows how Google Maps can be loaded inside dhtmlxLayout panel: http://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/demoApps/dhtmlxGeo/
– Restaurant Menu for iPad demonstrates the possibilities of dhtmlx components to work on touch screen devices: http://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/demoApps/dhtmlxRestaurantMenu/
The Standard version of DHTMLX 2.6 is available under GNU GPL and can be downloaded at http://dhtmlx.com/docs/download.shtml