Fat-Free PHP Framework


Fat-Free is a modular and lightweight PHP 5.3+ Web application framework designed to help build dynamic and robust Web sites. It shows some resemblance to Ruby’s Sinatra and PHP’s Limonade, but the similarities end with Fat-Free’s HTML/XML/RSS/e-mail template rendering engine, CAPTCHA image generator, an SQL database helper, etc. which allow development teams to distribute work loads and compartmentalize programming/design efforts in typical MVC fashion.
fatfree php framework
The sofware has two separate yet tightly-linked modules:

  • The Core Pack, which provides the base framework functionality and access to Fat-Free’s fast template engine, powerful cache, HTML forms processor, and easy-to-use SQL handler for databases – in one tiny zero-install file!
  • The optional Expansion Pack, which works seamlessly with the Core Pack, includes a CAPTCHA image generator, Javascript/CSS compressor, and a thumbnail image generator.

More information and download at fatfree.sourceforge.net. Released under GPL v3 license.