Frameworks Trends


Which PHP Frameworks do you actually use, like, and/or suggest ?!

Last night I was thinking about the number of PHP Frameworks that developers and companies are creating over the days, and how it become hard day after day to choose a suitable framework.
If we talk about specifications there are many websites that provides comparison such as, but the idea is that features and performance might change over the time. Even reviews and rating are far from being robust information that we could count on to make a decision.
Someone might use a framework for a few time then decide to try something better if it lacks too much in features, or decide to contribute to make the project better. I can try a framework and find it amazing while I can’t find time to use it.Someone else can also give no rating for a framework that he rated five stars a year ago for example.
So I thought about a solution which based on :
1- An open database
2- Open contribution
3- Contributions that could be updated anytime and from anywhere
A solution like that could bring many benefits to the community and help tracking easily PHP Frameworks Trends, especially that data are open and anybody can use.
Twitter was a good example to start from, since it’s all about “What are you doing?” and I wrote a reply to @phpmagnet with a short list of frameworks that I use, like, and/or suggest between brackets. I have just added a hash #phpmagfrm to be able to monitor easily replies related to PHP Frameworks Trends.
You can write for example :

Data could then easily be read and parsed into tables or graphics and I wrote quickly a small PHP Frameworks Trends reader here. You can send a new reply to update your choice and so the solution count only on your updates to make it useful.
There is more visualization that could be added later, but I’m more interested to hear your opinion on how could we make such metrics useful.


  1. Me and my team at MULTIDOTS, using cakePHP Framework for all our projects. As per my evaluation I found it quite easy and handy for my team to learn and develop application in that. Besides this it has many features which a good framework should have.
    My vote for cakePHP.

  2. Going with what Anil said, I’m using cakePHP as well. It’s light enough to not have to worry about bloating, but has enough features to keep up with my demands of a framework. The whole idea of frameworks is not to fight with them, but make the coders’ life much easier. We can stop worrying about how to do something, and instead concentrate on what needs to get done. The best way is to touch them all and pick on your own review, not others. Just my 2 cents

  3. CakePHP. I’m using it for a couple of years now and it really helped speeding up development. Code generation with Bake is just awesome.
    The community is nice and helps out where they can. Performance is in real life not really something to worry about. There are some good blog posts on the web that will show how to speed up cake applications.
    You’ll get amazed every day what is built into Cake and how well the developers thought about it to make it as flexible as possible. The only thing you should get used to is the Convention over Configuration. Everything is configurable of course, but following conventions will make it easier to follow for you and the people that provide help and it will be a time saver because you don’t have to define every little thing.

  4. Well, I use iPFaces Mobile Application Framework. It’s little bit different from what you are writing about. 🙂 This framework is instrumental to creating mobile applications. The biggest advantages (I think) are: it’s free, it supports three languages (PHP, Java and ASP.Net) and it’s multi-platform.
    Just now I’m working on my own app that will help me to find my car on car-parks. I’ll use this app on my iPhone and my frind on BB, if I be successfull. 🙂

  5. I’ve started using CakePHP. I think that the framework is a mean of management before its being a mean of programming.
    In one case the developer may not need to a framework, If he has enough management skills, otherwise, he may have to reinvent the wheel every time he wants to start new project.