PHP Jobs Hunting


If you are using PHP in your current job you have probably wondered at least once about your career with PHP or Open Source in general.

Hunting for a PHP job is not an easy task, most important issues that you will face are :
1- What should you know and what’s the minimum requirements that you will need ?
2- Which certifications could enhance your CV
3- What kind of job can you do with PHP ?
Before start hunting, there are some useful skills that you will need to work or rework :
1- Technical Writing Skills
2- Business Communication
3- Customer Requirements Analysis
4- Linux/Unix Operating systems
5- Network Monitoring and Management
6- Software Testing
7- Database Analysis and Management
You won’t need to know about everything but some specialization require such skills and more. For example it’s trivial to have good technical writing skills to write reports to management, describe correctly your work or your analysis … etc ! Also I see it very bad when a PHP developer is not able to setup his/her own development environment LAMP/WAMP…
There are many certifications that you can get to reinforce your CV, but I’ll mention here only the most important related to PHP and web application development :
1- PHP: Zend Certified Engineer
2- Database : Oracle and MySQL certifications
3- Linux : LPIC1, LPIC2, LPIC3, RHCE…
There are lot of interesting certifications that you might consider such project management (PMP), The Ethical Hacker (CEH) if you are interested to dig into security, …etc.
Finally, what kind of job can you do with PHP ? There are many IT jobs that require PHP. You can for example search in job sites for the keyword PHP and look what is currently demanded in the market. Here is a short list :
1- Web Developer : the most common, mainly for websites and web applications development in php.
3- Senior Developer : The senior should have at least 5+ years experience and strong knowledge in web application development.
4- PHP Project Manager : Senior + strong knowledge in project management
5- PHP Expert : Senior+ strong knowledge in C++, PHP, Operating systems and database.
6- PHP Consultant : Senior + Strong knowledge in PHP solutions available in the market.
7- Systems Architect : Senior + Network + Server administration + Systems analysis
Remember always that PHP is just a tool and not a Solution ! The solution is what you will be asked to do in your job.
Also you might consider Michael Kimsal’s PHP Job Hunter’s Handbook, 106 pages and lots of useful information if you are looking to actively manage your PHP career.