PHP Doc Push


Rasmus Lerdorf have just made a call for a documentation push in the php internals.

Guys and gals, in the old days we had a very close tie between the code and the documentation. As the project has grown the two have drifted apart. I think this is mostly because the phpdoc team has done an amazing job keeping up with the code changes and writing awesome documentation. This has made us a bit lazy and complacent.
I would like to encourage everyone on this list to spend a little bit of time looking at the parts of the documentation that cover things you are familiar with. Or even just going through some of the doc bugs and helping out in general.

PHP Documentation really needs your attention, if you contributed before or you have some free time and willing to contribute here is quick instruction from Rasmus :

I will also try to make daily commit as time allow me. The PHP manual is FREE and is yours, not only to use it but also to maintain and to keep this great resource helpful and useful so everybody could profit.