TestFest 2008


The official PHP.net website have announced last month the TestFest 2008, a testing festival that will take place next month to improve the code coverage of the test suite for the PHP language itself.

It’s also an occasion to salute the efforts of the QA team to make PHP language more stable, and people working on the LTP GCOV extension which is currently used in the http://gcov.php.net/ website.
The testFest is an open invitation to all the PHP communities around the world. All users groups are invited to write .phpt test suites that could be included to complete the official test suite.
Until today 15 UG have registered for the TestFest and 17 php.net mentors are available, so if you think you could help don’t hesitate to join the Fest.
Probably after the official PHP TestFest, it will be interesting to organize a PHP Apps TestFest and everyone should start writing test suites for PHP applications.
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