PHP is Approaching the End of Its Life Cycle


Marco Tabini posted on his blog answering an article published by a certain Hivemind Magazine titled “PHP is Approaching the End of Its Life Cycle“. Marco suggested if someone please throw Hiveminds a comma key because the author seems to live in cave and don’t know what he or she is talking about. I think it was just a good article to get some additional links, even that I have added a nofollow, and they got in return a negative feedback about their magazine which the first time I hear about it.
I want to thank Marco for writing a detailed answer point by point, even that I’m sure that anybody who read their article will notice the non-professionalism and absolute absence of experience. If its the end of PHP, I think it’s better to get ready and start looking for an alternative to Drupal for your website. Ready to go, or waiting for the funerals ?