New Design Focus Logo


A new logo is already up on our Design Focus Magazine, the design corner on Personaly I didn’t hesitate a second to choose this logo between four others for the simple reason that I find it the most suitable and completely fit with a logo for a design magazine.
Design Focus have been launched in december 2005 to be our web design corner, we have tryed to talk about the different aspect of web design, news, techniques and tools … and we’ll try to keep the focus more on all topics around web design, the new tendency, web 2.0, software, usability, marketing … etc. Web design isn’t simply to create web pages and publish it online, but it’s more advanced to include the usability, accessibility, and more. We’ll talk later about design experience in very known websites, procedures they follow to achieve it … etc. And if you have any suggestions or topics you want to talk about on our design corner don’t hesitate to drop us a message.