New Bloggers Magazine Logo


Our Bloggers Magazine got a new logo in the same time that we have decided to give it a new name “Bloggers Magazine” rather than being “the blog’s blog” for long time. The logo is something that I was looking for since its first launch, I remember the first logo which was funny, then we have moved to the new publishing plateform and got another logo. And today Blogger’s Magazine is becoming more attached to the activities of the PHP Magazine Network with the new logo and redesign.
Bloggers Magazine will celebrate its first year in just two months. A first year that we have dedicated into experimenting lot of new techniques, software, tips and idea for better blogging. I have bought two new smartphones to test moblog and experiment more tools from different plateforms windows mobile and Symbian. I’m no longer moblogging like before but it still a great experience that I would love to try it again especially that my favorite blogging software have been updated recently and it’s becoming really great tool. There will be more logos coming in the next days so stay tuned ! And don’t hesitate to share with us your feedback for the new magazine’s look.