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In the last months we received many emails from people interested into participating in from different countries, and with different passions ! I think that the idea of the project itself is unique since we are trying to make something original which is not already existing. We are not going to make another magazine for PHP, I think there is already many professional magazines that I love reading myself. But I agree that the concept of “PHP and everything related” is very large and cover almost all other technologies, that’s our slogan !

So if you are also passionated by tech-writing and would like to join us, here is how to proceed :
1- Write an article about the topic that interest you the most : PHP, Web services, AJAX, XML, Networking …
2- Post it with your information via Become author contact form. (if you need to attach something we’ll contact you back to give you an email)
3- Your article will be reviewed then we’ll contact your for approval.
4- then we’ll welcome you between us. easy !
The best articles will receive special prices !