New Home Page and Services announced

775 have now a new Home Page more condensed, we have changed the layout to provide more headlines in the home page and in the same time making the page load faster. Many friends emailed us having problems to find information easily in the network, so we hope these changes provide the adequate answer.

In the same time we are glad to announce the launching of three new services :
* PLANET at which is a syndication of many PHP websites and bloggers and also the many websites that we usually enjoy reading.
* SURVEY at is a new service that we will try to use to study different topics, and allow you to share your opinion about different topics that we usually talk about in our websites..
* JOBS at is a weblog launched to keep tracking of IT jobs that we receive. We will work more in the future to provide more jobs services and information in this weblog.
We have also setup a new public survey about the new home page, we really appreciate hearing your feedback and suggestion to improve it and provide you a better service.