MySpace Goes mobile


Even with the tons of critics around MySpace and its popularity compared to the very weak code, it still on the top of most visited website overall and got a great popularity. MySpace is starting a new mobile experience with Helio. According to the press release the mobile service will offer a look, feel and overall customer experience that are true to the online MySpace environment while optimizing it for mobile including:
* Mailbox: Ability to read and write MySpace mail from your Helio device
* Bulletin: Send messages to all your friends anytime, anywhere from your Helio device
* Blogs: Read and write blogs on-the-go without a PC
* Photos: View photos on friends’ profiles optimized for your Helio screen
* Profiles: View profiles and add new friends as you meet them directly from your Helio device
* Photo posting directly from a Helio device so experiences are shared as they happen
* Added photo storage capacity exclusively for Helio members
* A mobile online status indicator in a user profile for those online via a Helio device

Personaly I tryed many times to use myspace from my mobile phone but always got problems specially with the first authentification, and then myspace pages are huge and bandwidth consuming so I finished by giving up and waiting like a good boy until Mr Tom make this dream come true.
Notice that Textamerica which is very popular too come already with a mobile version since always. So I think it’s a little late for MySpace to join the park of social software for mobile. Currently the new mobile version isn’t available so as soon as I can test it I’ll try to post a complete review.