PHP 4 Mobile moved, update your bookmarks


The new official domain for PHP 4 Mobile is now, we have moved to a new publishing plateform and started moving all our blogs. All links will be redirected to the subdomain inspite of the main website
I have kept the same logo and design of the previous PHP 4 Mobile, just changed the main layout of the pages to make it fit with others blogs. PHP 4 Mobile will be our reference for mobile phone web application development and all related technologies.

In the last months I have bought two mobile phones the first an imate SP3 and the second Nokia 6630. I have experienced browsing with both phones, and see the big difference between Symbian based Nokia phone and Windows mobile for smartphones with the Imate. And Personaly I found the nokia experience much more better in all cases, web, applications, games, and specialy stability !
Yes, because even with mobile windows have a big tendance to crash anytime, hopefully not while calling in phone, but when browsing for example, using camera, mp3 … etc ! And the worst thing in windows mobile is the Internet explorer for mobile and MSN messenger, If you have a windows mobile phone just drop those two applications and install Agil messenger and Opera and fly ! Otherwise it really make slow down the mobile so much.
The last thing I want to talk about is that there will be more articles and technical articles specially in the PHP 4 Mobile magazine, in addition to the reviews that I’ll try to post more frequently. I’m still testing our new publishing plateforme which sounds pretty interesting, fast and really make writing a fun ! I still have more blogs to move so stay tuned !
Welcome again to PHP 4 Mobile