Essential PHP Security and its web companion


by Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett have just announced the launch of, the companion web site for his new book, Essential PHP Security. I have already announced the launch of the book before, in the companion you can find the table of contents, which include an introduction, Forms and URLs, Databases and SQL, Sessions and Cookies, Includes, Files and Commands, Authentication and Authorization, Shared Hosting .., the companion web site for my new book, Essential PHP Security, is now online. Many thanks to Amy Hoy for the excellent design!

What I found interesting in Essential PHP Security is that each chapter focuses on a specific category of PHP development, and you are shown the most common and dangerous attacks associated with that particular category. The book came also with many code snippets that you can find at book’s web companion.
I think its an interesting piece to get, security is a very important issue for PHP developers, and having a reference book as Essential PHP Security could be very helpful. In addition you can check the activity of the PHP Security Consortium where Chris is an active member.